Want to spend more time with your friends, a spouse, or your kids? In the hectic world we live in today, trying to incorporate together time with those that are a part of our lives can be difficult. But making time for friends and family is not hard when you can invite them to join you for a workout. The benefits of exercising with a partner, be it Cardio (running), Yoga, or strength training not only gives you the benefits of a healthier lifestyle but brings you closer to the person you exercise with.

Benefits of a workout partner


redfxccgvhbThe number one reason to have a workout partner. Maybe you recall the buddy system from when you were in school? It’s the same principle here. Stay close to your workout partner, and they will do the same for you. Providing help if either of you need assistance is the main reason for this. The safety aspect can be simple from having a spotter at the gym to jogging or hiking partner, that can seek help if you become injured and can’t walk.

Friendly competition

The main aspect of friendly competition is to have fun. Pushing yourself to pull ahead of your friend in a foot race can play a major factor in improving performance. Add a few extra reps to a set can motivate your friend to do the same.


Motivation is one of the benefits of working out with a partner. When you feel that you just can’t do it anymore, your workout partner is right there saying “I believe you can!” The importance of motivation is that you encourage, and support your workout partner in their health and fitness, but this motivation can carry over into other aspects of their life, work, school, and relationships. The best benefit of a workout partner is that he or she will keep you honest and motivated which is the most important part of any workout.


rdfgvhsdbIt sometimes helps to have someone else who is going on the same journey you are traveling. Who better to understand than your workout partner? Your partner makes the time fly by as you do your workout and overall makes for a much more pleasant experience.


If you have a good six pack workout partner, they will make you work out not physically make you, necessarily, but you’ll want to go so they won’t be disappointed in you. This kind of peer pressure is a great way to keep to your goals and help your partner to stay on track as well.…