Speech Pathology

It is a fact that most of the individual’s dither and stagger over words sometimes, particularly when they are under pressure and some tension or fatigue, yet they still indicate their worry over such slip-ups. Usually, such kind of people overreacts to their mistakes. The fear of repeating such mistakes again will make them feel impotent and tensed. There is no instant treatment for stuttering but to fight with this staggering habit, the anxiety, tension and the fear of being sluttered should be eliminated.

Here we will be discussing some simple and effective tips to stop stuttering

Make yourself mentally and physically relax

dfgvcAnxiety is the major cause of stuttering. If you make yourself relax, this can prevent you from stuttering. Try to think positive that you will be going fine and you will not stutter. Make your body relax by releasing tension in your neck, arms, and back. Don’t let yourself think that it’s a matter of life and death, rather, just think about that Stuttering is not bigger than you and you can easily overcome it. Once your body and mind reach the state of relaxation, you will feel motivated and confident before any interaction or communication.

Speak slowly

This is the most simpler and effective way to stop stuttering. Slow down the speed of your speech instead of rushing words out of your mouth.

Visualize before saying anything

Visualization is the best way to stop stuttering. If you visualize your words and thoughts before saying them out, it will surely help you in increasing confidence and communication skills.

Read out loudly

rfcvgsdfbhHave a comfortable seat, hold up your favorite book in your hands and start reading out-out loudly, it will be a little challenging for you at the start, but it will help you in getting out of a sputtering problem. Try to record your reading in some recording device, and after completing the reading, listen to your recording, you will be amazed that there is hardly any point at which you stuttered. It will give you more confidence and motivation.

Try out breathing and relaxation exercises

Most of the time, you will feel difficulty in breathing while stuttering. If you do proper breathing and relaxation exercises, you may prevent yourself from this serious issue. So, try taking a couple of breaths deeply and drink enough water before speaking. Give regular pauses during your speech.